Software development.

ELBIUS is a cloud-based electronic ticketing and
automated fare collection digital platform for public
transport. Suitable for small and medium-sized
transit operators, it also supports the implementation
of full-scale, integrated transportation systems.
ELBIUS transcends mere “cashless payments in
transport” — it accommodates all modern and
innovative payment methods, including open-loop,
account-based ticketing, and supports the issuance,
online delivery, and validation of electronic tickets.
ELBIUS is designed to reduce costs, increase
transport operation profitability, optimize budget
expenditures, and enhance the quality of passenger
services. Its distinctive features include rapid
deployment, tangible economic efficiency, and
client-focused innovations.
ELBIUS showcases Russian technologies in
issuing virtual transport cards and in implementing
both validator and validator-free fare collection
systems, aligning with contemporary smart-card and
electronic ticketing standards.