Allianz Network Group Being the Asian International Industrial directory(AIID) And Asian Marine Offshore Oil & Gas Industrial Directory(AMOOID) circulated within the South East Asia Region is in a unique position of bridging Asian and regional businesses. AIID & AMOOID allows regional and international companies to expose their brands and products to the Asian market while allowing International businesses exposure to the Asian region. With a targeted audience of distributors, purchasers, manufacturers, and resellers, AIID & AMOOID is not only a valuable sourcing tool but also a good link between advertisers and prospective clients. Distributors, resellers, purchasers and end-users rely on DIRECTORY(AIID & AMOOID) to source the brands/products needed to keep their business profitable and competitive. 1. How we plan to get you the best audience By participating at over 30 trade shows and exhibitions annually, we bring buyers and sellers from different industries during these exhibitions.We present to you ‘A RELIABLE,POWERFUL,INTELLIGENT AND EASY-TO-USE EMAILER MARKETING SOFTWARE..(Distribution Asia pacific, Europe, USA, Middle east) And Emailer Software Can collect data email address all over the world you want, and those data collected accordingly to your products specification will be given to our clients…And your advertisement will be broadcast to these data email addressee…AIID & AMOOID) continues to look after the interests of our clients by continually building networks with prospective customers.