Our main production LED simulation flame bulbs and LED RGB Bluetooth speakers decorative lamps.
LED simulation flame lamp using high light transmission PC mask, using high-quality 2835 lamp beads, select high-quality pp lamp body, constant current IC wide pressure drive, can install a variety of conventional lamp holder. The three modes are switched on and off, including three modes: flame throbbing – fixed constant bright – gradual bright light. And can be installed according to the requirements of the guests gravity sensor. Gravity sensing means that whether the bulb is dressed or upside down, the flame is still from the bottom up. The products are widely used in bars, cafes, ancient buildings, theme stores, etc. LED simulation flame lamp 360 ° dynamic light effect, instead of the real flame, improve the safety.
At the same time, we also produce a variety of styles of LED Bluetooth speaker bulbs, with diverse styles, light changes, light with sound, USB charging, atmosphere and tonality, which is the best choice for gifts.