All kinds of Battery

alkaline battery Li-ion battery, electronics battery, rechargeable battery, thermal battery, zinc manganese batteries, solar battery, data terminal battery, fuel cells, sealed lead acid battery, silver zinc battery, nickel zinc batteries, and other new battery types.

All kind of energy storage batteries and EPC

large-scale energy storage, microgrid, distributed energy, home energy storage, energy storage system components and equipment, communication base station energy storage, industrial energy storage technology, electric car storage charge power plant, BMS battery management system, PCS storage energy inverter.

Battery Production Equipments, Testing and Chargers

Battery production equipments and processing lines; battery products automatic packaging machines, labeling machines, marking machines; battery product testing and quality control technology, experiment and testing equipment; computer technology used in battery production, testing application and equipments; battery research, battery performance testing/monitoring equipments.

Battery raw materials and parts

Power batteries and management system

Battery environmental protection equipment, recovery processing technology, etc.

Battery recycles technologies and processing equipment

Smart chargers used on secondary batteries, EV charging station and related facilities.




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